Feed Back Loop


Being an email marketer, spam complaints are a truth of life. You may have a strict opt-in policy or your email messages may be absolutely legitimate, but, at some point or other one or more recipients will knock the spam button and will lodge a complaint against you.

Feedback loop is a means to notify the ESPs that a user has reported mails they send, as spam. Feedback loop reports come in the form of an email with special headers, sent by the ISPs. Upon receiving, proper action for the ESP is to discontinue sending any future emails to the reporters address.

From time to time, Interspire Spam complaint feedback loops addon using POP3 protocol, checks a mailbox and checks for any complaint feedback loop reports in abuse reporting format. It automatically unsubscribes the complaining address from IEM database when it finds an abuse report, protecting the reputation of the emails senders by respecting recipients’ complaints.