IEM Configuration / Setup


Expertise that we have in IEM installation and configuration is far superior to others available in the market. With the years of hands on experience in setup of PHP Scripts, Curl, Exim, Postfix, Power MTA and working with operating system like CENTOS, RedHat, Debian, Windows Server with CPANEL and Plesk Panel, we assure you the finest promising installation.


We extend interspire customization service at TSS to clients looking to integrate strong feature rich Interspire Email Marketer to their Email marketing servers. Being an E marketing solution source, Interspire attracts more patrons as it efficiently reaches them through supreme and consistently accessible Internet.

We custom develop every single page design, layout and customized addons in order to suit the necessities of your server for Email Marketing. It has a fully efficient Content Management System that allows building custom form fields for easy subscription.

The prospective of the online business success can be multiplied if customized and accompanied by appropriate resources & services and therefore we have a team of experienced, talented and well trained Interspire developers to customize Interspire application within given time.

Following IEM Addons available:


    Multiple SMTP/ MTA is a performance addon for Interspire email marketer (IEM) that significantly increases IEM’s mail delivering competency. An email campaign can be sent over multiple concurrent connections ensuing a lot higher sending speed. Maximum number of emails can also be specified to send from each MTA. The deliverability could be enhanced upto 10 times more than what a default IEM installation can deliver with the appropriate hardware & suitable configuration. This feature can attribute in accelerating performance and balancing the load for your definite environment.


    Do all the emails reach your inbox???… The answer to the above question is “NO”. It is due to the same subject line & content of the mail which consequently makes an email reaches the spam/junk. Email providers have made a strict policy that after a certain number of emails, possessing same subject line, will be treated as spam and hence more than half of the emails do not reach the inbox. With this addon, multiple Subject lines can be uploaded via a CSV file for your emailer & once the campaign is sent, one after the other multiple subject lines are used, ensuring better email deliverability in the Inbox.


    Email content sent to each addressee becomes distinctive with the help of a signature, which at the same time helps you deliver your genuine mail. Via CSV file you can upload numerous signatures and when the campaign is sent, these signatures gets appended to the emailer consecutively.


    Around 60% of the emails do not reach the inbox, is quite a common problem these days. A CSV file containing multiple from email addresses can be uploaded with the help of Multiple From Rotation addon. Once the campaign is sent, then these from addresses are being used in a row leading to a smooth landing of emails in Inbox.


    At present, the system for IEM export of a large contact list is very sluggish. “Export” depends on system configuration and port speed. At times, for a list of ten thousands contacts, a system can take more than 10 hours to export. But a single click on our Export addon will help you do the same export within minutes via a zipped CSV file.


    This Interspire addon can increase the speed and volume of the email sent with your current server configuration by almost 10 folds.


    Get “YOUR IEM” in “YOUR LANGUAGE”. Our language expertise would customize the interface in your preferred language, be it French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, others; helping you generate targeted clients effortlessly.


    Tired of the same boring IEM design that your competitors are presenting???… Get an edge over them with customized designing and placing of modules, which after installation, cannot be recognized as an IEM even by a veteran client.


    Being an email marketer, spam complaints are a truth of life. You may have a strict opt-in policy or your email messages may be absolutely legitimate, but, at some point or other one or more recipients will knock the spam button and will lodge a complaint against you.

    Feedback loop is a means to notify the ESPs that a user has reported mails they send, as spam. Feedback loop reports come in the form of an email with special headers, sent by the ISPs. Upon receiving, proper action for the ESP is to discontinue sending any future emails to the reporters address.

    From time to time, Interspire Spam complaint feedback loops addon using POP3 protocol, checks a mailbox and checks for any complaint feedback loop reports in abuse reporting format. It automatically unsubscribes the complaining address from IEM database when it finds an abuse report, protecting the reputation of the emails senders by respecting recipients’ complaints.


    Power MTA installation necessitates uppermost degree of experience. With the kind of experience we possess, you can be well assured of best configuration leading to unsurpassed fruition.