PMTA Configuration / Setup


PowerMTA, leader of email gateway solutions, is a very dedicated and specialized email delivery solution (advanced smtp software) which can manage very high email volumes easily. It provides incomparable trustworthiness and deliverance with granular connection controls

The makers of the PowerMTA software, Port25 offers the support for windows and *nix system, with affordability, installations & maintenance. The key gear in the email message delivery process, PowerMTA is companionable with any smtp compliant email application. When evaluating PowerMTA, you’ll swiftly understand its extensive & unique feature set & discover why it is the choice of “The email delivery system” for email service providers and ventures.

Elevated distribution rates & maximum delivery to the inbox can be achieved with PowerMTA. It is so far the best email gateway, smtp software when compared to other appearances in the market.

Several features of PowerMTA:

  • Easy Installation & Configuration
  • Tremendously secure, steady and scalable
  • Best & fastest support for high volume email delivery
  • Cost effective solution
  • Customization
  • Comprehensive Reporting


Power MTA installation necessitates uppermost degree of experience. With the kind of experience we possess, you can be well assured of best configuration leading to unsurpassed fruition.


For easy comparison, the PMTA Monitoring system offers node summary information both in aggregate and on a per node basis. A thorough and comprehensive real-time monitoring and short-term reporting information is available on all key data points. Configuration tabs makes the configuration more efficient for the parameter being monitored, while an actions tab, allows for running various commands (pause, delete, etc.) right from within the monitoring page