Multiple signature rotation – effective way to deceive anti-spamming trap

Email marketing is the new age tool used by business promoters. Every business has online presence in the form of websites. It is extremely important to make the website popular in the virtual world up to the maximum extent. Higher visibility and popularity guarantees higher footfall on the website and in turn higher business figures!  Multiple Signature rotation in email services is one of the powerful tools that help you in sending bulk mails without getting trapped into spamming software.

Multiple Signature rotation is a special web script that changes the html code dynamically so that every time you have a different email signature. It is possible to logging to the system and changing the signature pattern. It is very much user-friendly to configure the multiple signature patterns. Register to the program and add images to the control panel. You can link it to the emails by adding the URL of the image tag. Multiple Signature rotation programs of the modern world possess in-built intelligence to use random signatures while sending bulk emails. Thus it is ensured that no consecutive mails receive the same signature.

Using Multiple Signature Rotation is an assurance to reach multiple customers without becoming victim of automatic spamming traps.

Multiple Subject rotation,  an effective remedy for anti-spamming software

Email marketing has become the strongest tool of making the product and services popular on the internet. Automated tools have been designed to target a large number of audiences in the minimum time. Email sending software can send hundreds and thousands of emails to the predefined addresses within no time.

However, it is surely a big challenge for the email providers. Thousands of unwanted mails come to the mailbox and consume the valuable space. Anti-spamming software is the solution for this problem. This is an intelligent piece of program that sits just before the mailbox and filters the unwanted mails by reading the content. They track the subject line and after a certain threshold limit, obstacle it from reaching to the mailbox.

Multiple subject rotation is an intelligent method to overcome this problem. You can upload multiple subject lines in the CSV file for the email campaign. They are randomly inserted to make each mail a unique one. You can ensure better email delivery and effective campaign.

Multiple subject rotation is a valuable tool to deceive anti-spamming software and reach to the mailbox of intended customer. It enhances the effectiveness of an email marketing program and you are able to generate a high number of sales leads.