Adknowledge API Integration

We are doing Adknowledge API Integration

Adknowledge is an advertising and marketing service that helps advertisers and publishers reach their target audiences through various advertising and marketing techniques. Some example features include email marketing, optimized targeting, and social media outreach. The Adknowledge API allows developers to integrate the Email Adstation functionality of Adknowledge with other applications. Adknowledge delivers industry-leading yields from email data through the revolutionary Integrated Application Programming Interface, or API. After API integration, partners get access to Adknowledge’s automated offer engine, which provides publishers high quality creatives at no upfront cost. Partners are still able to take advantage of world class Response-Based Targeting System, which makes it easy for publishers to deliver highly relevant offers to users most likely to respond.

  • The integration is simple. Adknowledge provides publishers with a sample code to speed the process.
  • The API is incredibly resource light, allowing you to focus your efforts on other critical areas of your business.
  • The API is 100% safe and secure, and allows full control of the sending process while keeping user data strictly anonymous.

Ultimately, the Integrated API, combined with Adknowledge’s predictive technology, delivers highly relevant offers to your users, generating higher yields, increased click-through rates and engagement, and reducing list attrition and complaints.

The AdStation Integrated feature allows direct access to the AdKnowledge response-based targeting system, their pool of advertisers, and library of creatives. Submit campaign requests via the API provided and Adknowledge will return campaigns specifically targeted to each user. It’s that simple.

Upon API integration, the process of monetizing your data is easily automated from campaign selection to revenue reporting by utilizing the following:

  • Uses response-based targeting to deliver highly-relevant ads.
  • Generates higher CPMs and more efficient use of your email inventory.
  • Intelligently improves relevancy in addition to enhancing the user experience.

Campaigns are selected based upon the user’s prior response patterns, and are then delivered via your email delivery platform. Combined with the new pixel tracking tool, AdStation turns your email software into your own Enterprise Affiliate Marketing Platform.

We are doing Adknowledge API Integration