Outsourced Server Support to Dedicated Staff

Server management aims to maintain servers running in top condition. In today’s scenario, it has become an indispensable necessity instead of an option. The important data loss could be the result of inadequately and improperly managed servers, due to which your business might be at stake.

Getting an issue solved is not a difficult task but the thing that has to be worried for is the downtime that your company has to suffer during its maintenance.

As said by Sir Albert Einstein “The only source of knowledge is experience.” We have an experienced team of expertise to cater to your needs of server management. Everything should be done accurately keeping the availability of time in mind. For our team it isn’t a cliché – it is a guide to action.

Understanding the minutiae that are involved in Server Management, we have support procedures that revolve around extending efficient Server Management.

These support procedures have been exclusively planned for Server Management companies of various magnitudes. We provide qualitative and cost effective support services. We are experts and have extensive knowledge to run both Linux & Windows based Dedicated Servers With the cost effective outsourced server management services we can manage and monitor your servers round the clock.

what we do

  • 24X7X365 Server Monitoring
  • Unlimited Admin Hours
  • 3rd party application support
  • Server Security Audit
  • Server Optimization
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Server Log Monitoring
  • Unlimited Support tickets
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC setup
  • Firewall Configuration
  • 3rd party software installation
  • 24 Hours resolution time
  • Competitive & Affordable pricing
  • There is NO SETUP FEES
  • There is NO HIDDEN FEES


Server Monitoring has been designed to make sure that a server is active, healthy & responding to requests appropriately. TSS provides server monitoring which lets you check both basic server uptime & detailed usage statistics in all types of servers. All the service issues that might affect the growth of your business can be taken care by TSS.

Server Monitoring Includes:

Availability Monitoring

At definite intervals, simple service availability checks are monitored. The monitoring includes HTTP, SMTP, DNS, email & other services.

Outage Response

Within minutes, our expert server administrators respond to the service alerts, making you aware not just about the issue but also about our working on the same issue to solve it.

Performance Monitoring

To optimize your operations, our staff is available for you through our consulting service by the performance alerts sent by you, occurred due to slow performance, affecting your prospective clients.

Blacklist Monitoring

To all the email delivery issues, blacklist monitoring allows rapid resolution. Early detection of blacklisted issues can mitigate the impact of these spam outbreaks.

E commerce Monitoring

You are hampering your business, if your shopping cart is down. With e commerce monitoring, you can be assured that your online services are working properly by developing complex transaction based monitoring rules.

Back Up Monitoring

In case back up process fails, our back up monitoring has built in monitoring feature to alert us. Comprehensive monitoring is what was missing in the solutions provided so far. You can get aware about the proper working of your back ups with our CDP services


TSS backup recovery server protects your business from the high costs of computer failure and operational losses. Restoring files, directories or the entire servers becomes very easy with TSS backup recovery solution. In case your entire server is on backup recovery, you would quickly recover from hardware failures, security incidents or human errors, eliminating operational downtime and enhancing the productivity.

Server Backup & Recovery Includes:

Data Protection

We maintain numerous backup meadows. According to the set backup frequency, your server’s data is transported regularly to our back up meadows with the help of the latest technology. To meet your data necessities, maintenance policies & shortage needs can be adjusted by us.

Bare Metal Recovery

In case your server experiences an absolute failure or your competency gives way to an unanticipated outage, your complete disk images could be used to restore your server on alternate hardware. Full server recovery is what our backup system authorize, minimizing the operational downtime.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Business continuity requires planning for keeping all aspects of a business functioning in the midst of disruptive events, disaster recovery planning focuses on “Planning for the worst”, before disaster strikes for a rapid recovery.

Emergency Hosting

During a crisis, your server becomes a nexus for information. With our bare metal recovery tools, we can swiftly get a server up & make it smoothly running during any emergency by combining cloud computing, virtualization or rapid provisioning.

DNS Management

Significant failures leave major impact on DNS, which are time & again neglected by you. Your trustworthiness can be improved by splitting your DNS operations from your hosting.

Server Management

Using server management service, disaster recovery & linux backup service can be combined, getting the finest data assurance & ongoing system administration & support.

Managed Hosting

Eliminate all your difficulties of handling the hosting. Our hosting solutions includes backup by default, assuring that all your disaster recovery wants are met.


Web security remains the most critical issue to any business, whose operations are conducted online. When a server is on a public network it becomes a target for attacks by hackers & scanners. Hence, securing a server becomes equally important as securing the website or web application. All the probable attacks are scanned by server security services, solidifying the servers for future attacks.

Server Security Includes:

Server Hardening

The default configurations are not designed with security as the prime focus. Instead, default setups centers more on usability, communications and functionality. To guard your servers, you must set up solid and sophisticated server hardening policies for all servers. Our server hardening service initiates with a security assessment using the security scanner followed by our experts review on the security scans results hardening your system against future attacks.

Email Security

Email carries essential messages for running your business. However, many of today’s biggest security compromises start with a simple email attack that exploits web vulnerabilities. Cost effectively, all the email based threats can be combated with a combination of anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering 7 email continuity services.

Vulnerability Scanning

While Public servers are important for communication & data transfer over the internet, they open the door to potential security breaches by threat agents. Vulnerability scanning seeks out security flaws by allowing us to scan your servers regularly at a set interval. Thereafter, our people responds to any suspected threats, mitigating the risk of a security compromise, hence, solidifying your system for future attacks.

Security Breach assistance

In case of hacking, we can investigate a thorough system and propose a best course of action to reactivate your IT services as quickly & securely as possible. “Identifying the origin of attack to prevent future breaches” is what we advice. You can be assured that a similar breach would not be repeated with our security breach assistance.

Web site protection

The growth of the internet usage has provided website owners with unique business opportunities. Unfortunately, web application attacks have become the number one menace to these websites/ IT operations. All these attacks can be alleviated, even before they are discovered, just by installing a web application firewall. You can have a secure website/ web application by blocking the unwanted traffic through a firewall.

Firewall management

A firewall helps keep a network secure. Its primary objective is to control the network traffic by analyzing data packets & determining whether it should be allowed through or not. An appropriately installed firewall can diminish threats, trim down the impact if infringement & thwart expensive security breaches. We can assist you with an absolute firewall protection stratagem.

Server management

Server Management aims to keep servers running in top condition and for a swift run of servers you need good security. Your servers promptly & appropriately receive the Security with our server management service preventing minor security threats without any compromises.