Interspire Addon Services

Spam Words Suppression

With this addon you can suppress words also in Interspire, if you put word noreply IEM will not send any emails with this word noreply. current IEM can suppress only emails and domainsso it can be very useful addon for those who are using external SMTPs.

Personalized Unsubscribe Page

Currently when any of your subscriber is unsubscribing you, Interspire is showing a default unsusbribe page with a message of successful unsubscribe. We did this unsubscribe process in IEM background and User will redirect to any of your choosen unsubscribe page.

Verify Email List Cleaning Service

Verify Email List can remove 99.99% Hard Bounces, Complainers, Spam Traps, Disposable emails, Duplicate emails, Typo error, Moles, No-Reply Emails, Role Emails, DMC, Wireless Domains, Parked Domains and Inactive domains from your email list.
We are ready to accept any challenge. A nominal fee of .001 ¢ per email will be charged.

PowerMTA Remote Bounce Processor

Our PMTA Bounce processor provides all features and options available in any Bounce processor into the market and much more. According to your cron Bounce Addon will pick files from PMTA server location and process but it will wait for you to set your own rules, You will see and extra PowerMTA Bounce Tab in dropdown of Settings. Per Domain license fee will be $400 only.

Adknowledge API Integration

This isn’t the first time the company has taken top honors for their email solutions. Adknowledge was also the highest-rated network in a survey of email marketers just last year.
Adknowledge can be your ATM Machine, Just add your contct list and send

Auto PMTA & Cpanel Configuration Software

Through this software you can easily create unlimited cpanel accounts with dedicated IPs in your Cpanel and create ready to use PMTA config file in just one click. So for you PMTA setup will be as easy as one, two three. .

Mailing Server

If you are fedup due to server termination, we are here to solve your problem. You can take server form us and we will take care of your spam complaints. We can provide you unlimited IPs for your need without any justification.

Power MTA Installation or Bug Fixing

Most Powerfull and advanced backend tool to manage your email queue. It can send your campaign most speedily, effectively and smartly, It will manage your queue according to your own rule and it will hide your mail originating servers details, it will rotate your all server IPs. 400$

Auto MTA Selection According to List Size

This is the most useful addon for ESPs. You can add multiple SMTP/MTA in your IEM and you can difine list size. At the time of sending mails, your IEM will select SMTP/MTA according to your difined list size.

Multi Thread Interspire Addon

You can send your campaign in fast speed, Like 1 million mails in just 1 hour. 400$

Geolocation Interspire Addon

It allow you to set unlimited SMTPs in your Interspire and you can give permission to use those SMTP as per user choice, Any one SMTP or all SMTP. 200$

Interspire Addon Multiple PMTA Monitoring System

You can see multiple PMTA screen on one browser with concerning details, Like Name of server, website url which is using that PMTA. 200$

Interspire Addon Service / Support

Our technical support helps you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Server Optimization Service

We do your your server, cpanel and IEM optimization and after it your server will give you great performance.