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I want to thank the whole team interspireaddon.com for being so kind, professional and quick to perform the work, dealing with several companies but did not give me what I needed solution to, is that there are very good programmers interspireaddon.com which they quickly solved the problems I had, I am very happy to have found a team that works so well, I will continue doing work with you and will recommend to my acquaintances.


Date of Posting: 19 May 2016
Posted By: Nicolas Gonzalez


This person has already performed several IEM updates for us, including SPF and DKIM, this person really knows what he's doing. And is always there for you. Good job, keep it up.

Date of Posting: 23 November 2015

Catalin, Manager Webstrategy, Bucharest webstrategy,ri

World class suport this guys worked with me to send campaigns corectly and under preasure deadline
Thanks interspireaddon.com
Excellent Support.

Date of Posting: 14 October 2015

This person is very kind,available and honestly. Good service and max support for everything. Deliverability really fast.

Date of Posting: 15 January 2015


Brandon Baker United States
Gopal has been such a huge help along the way.
He's always available when I reach out to him and he's always willing to take care of any task you ask.
He has been extremely helpful and I'm thankful to have him on my side when I need him.

Really good guy.

Date of Posting: 26 September 2014

Josh Wall

For the past 5 years, Telesys Soft Solution has steadily helped us grow our business through competent and timely support services and e-mail marketing. They are our number one trusted source for high quality online email support resources. We highly recommend them for all your marketing needs.

Date of Posting: 27 August 2014

Super people to work with. I could never ask for better service from this company
The very first day i could not mail into the aol and hotmail due to blockage of ips and this man gave me my money back
A great group of people to work with


Date of Posting: 13 May 2014
Jerome Chapman Internet Marketer, Texas
Just wanted to let you know it's been a real pleasure working with Gopal. Every time I've had any sort of issue come up he's been on top of a solution right away. Always kind and really seems to enjoy helping out. I'm able to get ahold of him 24/7 and his response time always amazes me....lightning fast. Keep up the great work....we really appreciate it! 😉
Date of Posting: 20 January 2014

Steve Bishop, Email Marketing Professional United States
Great to work with - very competent, very fast, very helpful - great service, great servers and great email delivery!
Date of Posting: 13 January 2014
Steve Bishop, Quality Bulk Emailer U.S.A.
Telesoft Soft Solutions is a great company to work with - very professional, very responsive and they really know what they're going - I highly recommend them!
Date of Posting: 13 January 2014
Promedia Web Agency, Maroc

Sevice and servers are really good with good support, we are really happy to found a partner like interspireaddon.com, we are sending a million email per month and your team help us to do it.

Best regards


Date of Posting: 25 November 2013
Mounir, Email Marketing Professional - Online Media United States
I added Gopal on Skype and started explaining my needs. He is very patient and very available. He gave me a complete consultation and recommended the right plugin for what I am trying to do.

The work was completed within a few hours, and it worked correctly the first time. He knows what he's doing.

Most importantly, he is trustworthy. I gave him the root password to two of my servers, even the password to my registrar so he can change DNS records. I never share these passwords with anyone. My biggest fear was giving away my passwords and getting hacked. Gopal earned my trust. Going forward, I will come to him every time I need work done on any IEM server.

I highly recommend him!

Date of Posting: 11 October 2013
Nguyen Quang Ngoc, CEO - Con Bao Trieu Phu., Jsc
Very supprise, every hardest in technical that I've face are solved by them, very fast and very effective. Not only that, one of my most statisfy is their friendly in service, they can work 24h/24h to do the joy with no complain and one more thing that I love is with the job they've did for me, the second time I need their support, it's no charge.

You do a great job,

Thank you very much.

Date of Posting: 10 October 2013
Darren Golden, Online Marketing, Germany
Simple an incredible service, So nice to find a company that delivers what they say!! Very fast and efficiently. You will not be disappointed.
Date of Posting: 08 October 2013
Nabil Morocco
The best interspire provider! I have worked with so many ones during the last year and I was really disappointed but this provider knows really what he is doing. They were very kind to answer all our questions and advice us to choose the best solution for our needs. Always available and very helpful. Thank you very much!
Date of Posting: 12 September 2013
Alex Brazil
excellent scripts
execelente support
Recommend to all
Date of Posting: 04 September 2013
Kevin Davis
The Telesys team was awesome. Our install was quick and handled completely. Even had to overcome some server issues and Gopal was great at troubleshooting and even providing advice on the OS resinstall setup. Excellent communication skills, very accessible and attentive, and the turnaround time from purchase was really fast.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2013
Eventually we utilize the services of Telesys Solution, acquiring licensed software which always are properly installed and configured by the technical team of the company. For those who need expand the functionality of their systems, I recommend the Telesys Solutions, while emphasizing that they deliver the product after payment normally and give the after-sale support.

Best Regards,

Cláudio Albuquerque

Target Box E-mail Marketing

Date of Posting: 03 September 2013
Michael Rennison
Gopal installed the software on our servers and he was amazingly quick and efficient and since then he has remained a constant adviser and whenever there is a problem he is on Skype solving the problem.

Gopal is the extension to my business that is absolutely priceless - Thank you Gopal

Date of Posting: 31 August 2013
Phillp Watson
I was searching the solution since 6 month or more I guess, but Gopal did it very effortlessly, he is a good developer and even more a good person. Great work man Keep it up. I'll surly here you again for my development work.
Date of Posting: 30 August 2013
Ashwin Solution Architect Mumbai
Gopal from "interspireaddon.com" has not only delivered a great product, but has also has given us consistently great service that too before purchase. This guys have been avaliable all the time to resolve any issues. In our case Gopal has gone above and beyond in helping us get up and running and iron out issues. Kudos on building great efficient tech and a great team.
Date of Posting: 03 August 2013
Munawer Usman, Group Lead Aims Soft Int Pakistan
Gopal ! WoW what an excellent job he and his team done, I was desperate to have a solution which could fast my servers and with very small price he have done a great Job, for viewers I must say that if you are in contact with Gopal means all your server Issues is being resolved they work day and night unless they finish your job. I must recommend to all. Please give him a try.
Date of Posting: 20 July 2013
Sal Canada
Gopal has been very accommodating and has been easy to work with. He's got an amazing team and has great communication. Usually the biggest thing I look for is communication, and I've never had a problem reaching Gopal whenever I required help--he has always been there with great customer support. I would highly recommend Gopal and his team for your Interspire/mailing needs. They know their stuff and are easy to work with!
Date of Posting: 15 July 2013
Bruno Henrique, Company SEO Brazil
Hello. I have only positive things to say about they services. Always the solutions are provided asap and with urgency if needed and never they forgot to take care of any kind of problem. I have to thank they service for the great support and the agility to provide everything i needed till now.

Keep your good service and great supprt as always and will always grow up.



Date of Posting: 11 July 2013
Ricardo Garcia, Monterrey, México
I worked with many other providers but none offered me a service like Gopal, I highly recommend it offers reliability, speed and commitment in their work.
Date of Posting: 10 July 2013
Saurabh Tiwari, Director : RoofNRide, RoofNRide Group Of Hotels, TripTheEarth, Gurgaon
I have been working with Gopal's company since the last 3 years. Before working with Telesys I had worked with several othe companies. But Gopal's efficient service has held me to his company. I always use his knowledge and discuss with him our plans before making things live. He always has genuinely added to the work. I wish him & his team all the good luck in all his endeavors.
Date of Posting: 10 July 2013
Rasheed Ali, CEO - Midas Touch Marketing, New York, NY
Gopal and his team are the most attentive, customer focused team of developers I have ever worked with. They actually CARE about their client's needs, wants and wishes and are honest and hardworking. There really isn't enough room on this page to write my praise for Gopal and team. The best move anyone can make, is to give their Interspire setup a shot and experience what REAL customer service is. I'm sure you'll be surprised.
Date of Posting: 09 July 2013
Dave Quarshie, Digital Media Consultant, Ghana
The best Interspire addon service provider that I i have ever known. The possible solutions that you offered were endless and no other service provider comes close to that. The team delivered on time and on budget! Thanks very much for the services. My highest possible recommendation goes to you and your team at Telesys.
Date of Posting: 09 July 2013
Arti India
I would say Telesys is a Synonym of words Dedication, commitment and High quality. They added a great value to my work and they do not only provide solution they create solution as per the client’s requirement and make sure that Client get what is needed and even try to provide more than that. Telesys is always available for their customers and do best.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2010
Kevin Greene United States
Gopal and his team provide excellent service and of the highest caliber and integrity. In addition to their unsurpassed customer service they are available virtually 24 hours per day. There has never been a time when I need to communicate with them on an issue where they were not immediately available and provide a quick response and resolution. I would highly recommend Gopal and his team to anyone who wants high quality and responsive service from a team with integrity.
Date of Posting: 08 April 2010
Sonam thakur, Graphic Designer at Toshali. Resorts Intermational, Gurgaon
I dnt know much about the team.but personally Mr Gopal is a person.with every.solution.and vert very.good.person to.dealt with. Services are very good and want to keep further connections so in.future . all.the best and thnks.for.the.assistance.
Date of Posting: 15 February 2010

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