Multi Thread

Sending emails is the regular task and people spend a lot of time if the response from email server is slower. Multi-threading email system is an efficient way of doing it. In this method, the mailing system is busy on the other mails while waiting for the response. This way you can send multiple emails quicker.

The multi-threading email system works on the concept of inner threading pool. One thread submits the mails to the sender queue. The second thread picks up the mails from the sending queue and sends out. The third thread receives the response of delivery and updates the status as successful or unsuccessful. The numbers of thread dedicated to each activity are adjusted based on the load on mailing system. These all are configurable parameters and the user can set them according to the requirement. It uses the network bandwidth most optimally and gives the best value for money.

Multithreading email system is a professionally designed high-speed bulk emailing system especially suitable for those who want to send large number of emails. Online marketing companies, e-commerce web sites, Newsletters and social networking websites require powerful and reliable email system to ensure maximum throughput. Multi-threading email system is the new age solution for it!